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Last month

Social security is bankrupt and they know it.
It is a matter of law.
They just do not want to tell you but we will show you.
Not so Secure Socialism originally appeared on NewsWithViews 8-1-10
Same old promise, Same old lie!
But there are solutions found in history.

We show you the way it works.
You can read about it here with footnotes, additional information proving that Social Security is bankrupt and explanatory links, several audio discussions of the problem and most important the solution to the problem.


Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!

If everyone is headed for a fiscal cliff you may want to turn around and head the other way. Turning around and going the other way is called repentance.

There are others who talk about restoring America. America cannot be restored by restoring the constitution or electing different leaders. That is not what made America great. What made America great was a virtuous society and the people who lived in it not the government. Americans have become addicted to the very social theory that was killing colonists from its early beginnings. The colonization of the North America would have been a total failure if it was not for the realization that socialism does not work.

 No more insurmountable obstacle to their success was the corporate theory of socialism where they were expected to “contribute the fruits of their labor to the common store”. This socialist approach to frontier life in the wilderness would kill more of the settlers than any other single aspect of their endeavor. The governing concept of the “common store” led to the philosophy that would become a central theme of socialism under men like Henri de Saint Simon, Louis Blanc and Karl Marx. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” It would contribute to the “starving time” where of the 500 settlers at the colony only 60 would survive the winter of 1609-10.

The privatization of land, rent free, and an establishment of a free market, resulted in an immediate change in the supply of food so that by 1614, Ralph Hamor, Colony Secretary, was able to write that there was "plenty of food, which every man by his own industry may easily and doth procure that the poorest there, and most in want, hath not been so much pinched with hunger this four years..." The Jamestown adventure: accounts of the Virginia colony, 1605-1614 edited by Ed Southern p. 199

In New Plymouth socialism had been completely abolished by Bradford to the salvation of all.

“As soon as the settlers were thrown upon their own resources, and each freeman had acquired the right of owning property, the colonists quickly developed what became the distinguishing characteristic of Americans – an aptitude for all kinds of craftsmanship coupled with an innate genius for experimentation and invention.” Virginia, the Old Dominion, Volume 1, by Matthew Page Andrews, Dietz Press, 1949, p61

It is time for Americans and the people of the world to repent and just say NO!

It is time to come together as others in history came together and become a true government of the people with out depending on Sauls or Caesars.

  • We must learn to gather in free assemblies.
  • We must do more than talk about rights.
  • We must take back the responsibilities of a free society.
  • We must become our own educational system with home schooling and private education for those who will take back that responsibility.
  • We must become our own health care providers with a good Samaritan like network of charity and hope through mutual assurance.
  • We must become our own FEMA composed of minutemen and women who will form a voluntary Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary.
  • We must stop being slothful and selfish but be diligent.

Proverbs 12:24 "The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute."

  • You cannot do that simply by joining an email group.
  • You need to go on record in small intimate free assemblies that are willing to connect nationally and internationally.
  • The Living Network has already started forming these free assemblies of record. COR.
  • You have to start have to turn away from your own avarice and apathy and seek to become a part of a caring society of people who have joined together.

Join your local free assemblies on the Living Network.

What else can you do when your society has chosen leaders that will take you over the cliff that is coming upon you, or should I say that you are about to go over?

Taking care


This network and 10 Ways of seeking the kingdom

Salvation for the Christians was in this world and the next. They formed a network that survived the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Here is an article that by common sense is coming to some of the same conclusions of those early Christians and the active people in this network.

While more and more are getting the message many of you still remain separate and unconnected because you have not picked PCMs or formed congregations of record which are just free assemblies in a broad network.
You can join the Living Network too

10 Ways to Prepare Your Community for Economic Collapse
 December 3, 2012


This was an article about an "... economic collapse " over "a long period of time" and what you, your family and community need to do "to survive... if you can encourage your greater community to move more toward self-reliance...."

"Here are ten ways to help [you your family and] your community prepare:"

The first thing listed is

  • "1.  Meet Your Tribe: This starts with forming your core group of local prepper friends. These people will share your understanding, have great ideas, and can share the burden of prepping. Then, at the very least, meet all of your immediate neighbors and size them up as to their mind set and ability. Organize fun and educational block parties to demonstrate and encourage the solutions outlined on this list. Finally, take some of your ideas to town hall meetings to seek broader cooperation and more volunteers."

Congregations of Record are the COR groups In this article they are called tribes. Basically it  is groups of people connected in a "greater community".

  • "2.  Alternative Water Sources: Water is the most important element for survival. If the grid goes down, public water will be sure to follow. Locate private wells that can be switched to hand pumps or generators, or streams, rivers and ponds that can be piped and stored near your community. Create a map of these resources for everyone in your group of volunteers to keep safe if crisis strikes. Educate your neighbors with flyers or demonstrations at block parties about having back-up water supplies, rainwater and greywater use, and water purification methods. Encourage your neighbors to keep at least 3 days of drinking water stored in their homes."

We are already doing that here and in other states where COR groups form. We are not posting them on the net but sharing with those who show the same spirit of gathering, not just to save ourselves but to serve others. We even showed some of our network how to drill a 45' foot well with no heavy equipment and are doing other projects to provide water at retreat grounds. Again details will not be posted on the internet but shared through personal relationships as people form COR groups

  • "3.  Garden Projects:  Encourage and help neighbors with their individual gardens and they’ll help you with yours. Hold neighborhood workshops with experts on composting, permaculture  , aquaponics  , small livestock , seed preservation, and canning. Stress the importance to the greater community of gardens in public spaces that are being wasted on grass that must be mowed at the taxpayer’s expense. With more of the local landscape turned into an edible landscape, the easier the community will be able to absorb the impact of economic collapse , particularly rapid inflation of food prices ."

We are doing all this in the network. One of our traveling ministers just made contact with another seed savor and an organic farmer in a remote valley who wants to join in the network. But again their location is guarded through the network for their protection.

  • "4.  Local Food Co-Ops: Another very important element to local food self-sufficiency is becoming involved with your local food cooperatives . These typically include many of your local artisan farmers and organic gardeners. You may be surprised by how big the local food movement already is in your area, but it needs to be much bigger when severe economic crisis hits. Support them with your business and whatever skills you can bring to the table. Encourage your neighbors to join and participate as well. Not only will this help expand local commerce and food production, it also helps build a healthier community. A great resource to find local farmers in your area is LocalHarvest.org ."

Again we are already doing this and some have years of experience. With each new COR group resources for information and assistance grows but only if you become a part of that COR network. We will be butchering a cow this week teaching and learning the whole process and another one in a month with new members visiting here.

  • "5.  Barter Systems: If the dollar collapses (which most people predict will be the trigger of economic collapse), having a local system of trade will soften the impact tremendously. Even if you just begin with trading services with your neighbors, get the idea barter to spread. You may already have a local grassroots currency or barter exchange in your area. Many food co-ops already have them as well. If they don’t, there are plenty of resources that teach you how to start one yourself. The importance of laying the groundwork for such an exchange cannot be understated, and if the collapse miraculously evaporates, the barter system will still encourage local trade so the community flourishes. This is also a great way to identify team players with vital skills needed during collapse situations ."

Again some of us have decades of experience in this process. Hands on personal interaction in a trustworthy network of barter will be essential during economic restructuring. We have people working on new ideas ...

  • "6.  Alternative Energy:  This is perhaps the most challenging issue facing any individual prepper as well as a small community as a whole. Virtually all areas are beholden to large interconnected electric grids and multinational oil companies for their energy. But as we saw recently with Hurricane Sandy, people without fuel or power go crazy after just a few short days. Imagine weeks and months without power or fuel. For personal preparation, it’s wise to at least have a generator, and perhaps some solar panels for refrigeration and electronics. Encouraging your neighbors to do the same may be the best you can hope for community involvement, but present ideas like generators for all essential services to prevent a breakdown of law and order. Work on implementing a community or co-op biodiesel refinery for used cooking oil, or a windmill or solar station for the back-up water supply, etc"

We used both solar and wind generation projects at the burning Bush Festival and we hope to have some Hydro electric next year and have started excavation for that project already.


  • "7.  Neighborhood Watch: All communities are unique and will require different levels of security in times of crisis. As we saw with Katrina and Sandy, the National Guard and the local police were no match for keeping the looters at bay. And, again, these were just temporary setbacks. A sustained economic crisis could bring many desperate people or worse – organized gangs – to your neighborhood. The cops will likely be preoccupied with much bigger concerns than your community assuming the locality can still afford their salaries. Start with a simple neighborhood watch to create a basic plan for deterring invaders. Make note of neighbors who are former military or hunters to recruit should things get dicey enough to require some firepower."


Those who live in remote areas miles from any town have been depended on local community all our lives but dependable network of volunteers will need to grow rapidly and those already working and contributing in a living network will be the most welcome in times of need.


  • "8.  Food Bank:  Everyone should have their own personal supply of survival foods . But you may also consider grouping with your tribe of preppers or a few neighbors to create a food bank where you can combine funds for bulk food storage. This food bank should consist of the most basic of foods like wheat, rice, and beans.  This can serve as an “open only in case of an emergency” cache. Beyond that, helping out with your community food bank or other food programs for the less fortunate is also a way to help keep your community stable during the crisis."

Christ said not to invest in central treasuries but in the kingdom. Since the kingdom is first with in you it is that investment in one another to expand and build a viable network that will make the real difference and build the trust and honor that will be required. Back to basics already have us building a surplus but loving others as much as self and learning who is dependable and reliable is key to the distribution of resources in hard times.

  • "9.  Communications: Don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining open communication with your community.  If the power goes off, it may not be long before phones and Internet are gone too. Emergency radios are great to monitor the “official” activity outside the community, but being able to speak to each other is vital to survival.  Back up systems can be as small as your core group using walkie talkies, or as large as creating an alternative Internet connection. You can have one person get satellite Internet and they can beam it with a simple line-of-sight microwave panels to other hubs, perhaps a school.  This sounds complex, but it’s not that difficult or expensive. Additionally, you could set up a community intranet that can at least communicate with each other if not the outside world. When meeting neighbors, don’t discount their skills if they’re a tech geek or working for the phone company, as they will be needed in a collapse situation. Again, having individual solar chargers for laptops and this system would have to be considered as well."

This is where the broad network is critical with local intimate oversight to filter out dangerous psychopaths and the slothful... As the network grows, groups get some of there COR members even partially off the grid, radio networks and traveling ministers can help expand the network communications. But again COR groups and active ministers making real connections will by key.

  • "10. Medical: Big hospitals will likely be overtaxed during a crisis and they’ll certainly be a target of drug addicts who have nowhere else to get their fix. It may be unrealistic to form a small clinic in your community prior to a collapse situation, however, identifying the doctors, nurses, EMTs, veterinarians, and holistic healers in your neighborhood will go a long way in preparing. Additionally, encouraging all households in your neighborhood to keep a month or more of essential medications stored in their homes will be crucial to get through difficult times. If you’re lucky enough to find a few doctors who share your prepper mindset, creating a bank of strategic medicine (insulin and antibiotics) would be ideal as well. …."

Some of our most active members have spent years studying and using natural health remedies and learning how to produce those remedies ourselves. That is why we need to form those networking COR groups and connect them with dependable networkers we can trust. But it is all up to you. It is not like the worlds where you vote once  but it is a pro active network you can be a part o or not at all a part...

"These are all realistic preparations that you can do in your communities. They shouldn’t be motivated by fear of some potential apocalypse. Rather, it should be fun and joyful to get to know your neighbors and encourage the strengthening of your community."


It has been for us...

Do not put off until tomorrow what you should have done yesterday...


Previous Message

Many of you saw the recent article The Ugly Capitalist
Evil ism or what God wants?
After its publication on News With Views we had numerous people come to the web site and write me and ask questions. Below is a list of some questions from one curious reader who came to the website for the first time.
This is part of the reason we are going back to Straight Talk on blog talk this week and opening the call lines.


Greetings Gregory,

I must say that your Dec. 2nd  NWV's "Capitalism" article was excellent!

Here is a condensed version of the content of my 11/16 e-mail.

[ I included my answers in red Gregory:]

1. Are your books available to purchase anywhere outside of the HHC site?
Gregory:  No. They are actually on the net in several formats for free.

2. Being out-of-network but considering joining, could one feel at liberty to call and ask questions of Pastor Brian in Michigan?
Gregory: Yes or  any other Minister although some are more on the same page with us than others.

3. From the [Kingdom of God] section: After reading the N.T. Acts and the early church fathers, what are some of these "specific" early church activities that were hidden from us and twisted over the centuries when words got redefined from their original intent?

Gregory:  It is often taking the text out of the life and time that we can have our vision of the gospel blurred. Just knowing that Christ did set up and appoint a government run by men who were to be benefactors who did not exercise authority like the other governments is huge. That ten days later thousands and thousands of families organized themselves in a social welfare system that did not term them into resources for the elite. They had to organize themselves because they were cast out of the welfare systems of the Pharisees and Sadducee government. That alone set a path that altered the lives of all Christians and would do so again. As the "world" of Rome fell thousands more became Christians having their example to inspire them.

4. In your estimation, what are a few of the names of those theologians in the Church hierarchy who you feel safe to disagree with and that also should be ignored or even denounced?

Gregory: Ambrose for a start which we write about in Thy Kingdom Comes. Not to say that some of these men might have been right some of the time but Christ is building His Church based on personal revelation by God in your heart and mind. We are merely witness for what we believe he is giving us. This is an individual spiritual walk in a physical world with others.

5. Can you back up your claims with any more detailed references besides the scant #3 Wycliffe reference and the #4 footnote that has no corresponding reference to go with it? [I did not understand this question so I requested more clarification]
For question no. 5, I was referring to the claims that the early church activities were hidden from us and twisted over the centuries. The footnotes are part of the [Kingdom of God] question section following your answer to the question of whether or not you are presenting a picture of the church as you believe it should be? The references are scant and not complete. I hope that helps.
Gregory: I believe you are reading the page http://www.hisholychurch.org/qanda.php
That is a good start but not comprehensive.
 But there is a lot more information and filling in of the blanks in the book Thy Kingdom Comes index page
There are other books as well and thousands of footnotes.

I also sent these links:

Part 1 A Challenge to modern religion - Over turning a strong delusion


Published on Dec 1, 2012 by

Challenge the orthodox view of organized religion and modern Christianity and their private interpretation of the Bible which has divided denominations from each other and from the way of Christ, the gospel and their faith in God. Part 1 of 8 of an interview with brother Gregory when he was speaking at the University of Northern Colorado.

Note: all our books are free online.
The truth should only cost you your delusions.
Join our living network of truth seekers at
or http://www.hisholychurch.org/
or for more information

Earlier this month


The article The Ugly Capitalist on NewsWithViews has caused quite a stir.

People either love it or hate it.

Some that loved it have been joining the Living Network and signed up on a local group.

It is on those groups at The Living Network where you can meet locals who are looking for alternatives to the socialist tide that is making the word of God to none effect.

This alternative was preached by Christ and implemented by the early church and those who were called Christians.

It was to form the local and national free assembly networking through relationship established to meet the challenge of a declining Roman Empire.

The world has taken a turn down the same dark road.

The truth is that you do not have to wait for others.

You can start turning around now.

Love thy neighbor as thy self is not just a religious phrase.

It is a survival maxim that worked for Moses and the early Church in hard times.

Making moral choice to go a another way now will make a difference tomorrow.

Join your local groups on the Living Network.

We will be sharing real solutions on the network with real people making those hard choices your governments are not going to make.

Recent " Dear Network" messages this last month.

Dear Network, Why this network #103.2
Why would they be there for you if you will not be there for them?

Dear Network, Big Sandy, COR and FEMA #103
Who are you going to call?

Dear Network, Breathing life into the Extended network #102.7
Mostly dead this morning. Where you care you have hope.


Join the Living Network in your area and become a part of an international Free Assembly.

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